Jacob Watson grew up in a New England family, attended traditional schools, then took a hard turn left. He was a grief counselor until his client’s broken hearts and wounded spirits – and a fire that damaged his counseling office – propelled him into ministry. He received a Doctor of Ministry degree from the University of Creation Spirituality, and after further study at the Chaplaincy Institute for Arts and Interfaith Ministries, was ordained an Interfaith Minister. He is the founding Abbot of the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine, and devotes his life to teaching, writing and prayer. As an author of papers on the spiritual life, such as Morning Blessing Letters: A Book of Daily Gifts, Jacob works to heal spiritual wounds and create new relationships with the divine. He recently released his new book: Essence: The Emotional Path to Spirit.


Dana Sawyer is a Professor of Religion and Philosophy at the Maine College of Art, and for more than 20 years taught in the graduate program of the Bangor Theological Seminary.  He is the author of two critically acclaimed spiritual biographies, of Aldous Huxley (2002) and Huston Smith (2014), and has written on a wide range of topics related to consciousness expansion, Tibetan Buddhism, Hindu mysticism, psychedelic experience, and alternative philosophies.  Besides teaching at the academic level, Prof. Sawyer is a popular speaker on the lecture circuit, having taught workshops at the Esalen Institute, the Kripalu Institute, and other such centers of psychological, spiritual and philosophical inquiry. His work has appeared in Tricycle, the Buddhist Review, Parabola magazine, Yoga Journal and other such publications. To learn more about Dana, please visit: Dana Sawyer website.


Kate lost her husband, State Trooper “Drew” Griffith, in a car accident while on duty in 1996. She was left a widowed mother of four children between the ages of 3 and 9. Life would not and could not ever be the same as it had been.  Unwittingly, Drew had prepared the way for Kate Braestrup to recognize and develop her own vocation. She entered the Bangor Theological Seminary in 1997, and was ordained in 2004. Since 2001, she has served as Chaplain to the Maine Warden Service. Kate is the author of three non-fiction books, including the New York Times bestseller, Here if you need me. 

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In our conversations with authentic and inspiring people, we come across topics that stand out for their clarity and wisdom. This particular recording features excerpts from our full-length interviews and addresses the question: What are your perspectives on the mysteries of life and  death? We selected excerpts from Wolf Richards, Ted Carter, Marsha Stultz, and Martin Steingesser. We think you’ll find some common themes as well as differing perspectives in these short outtakes. For the complete interview podcasts of these or other speakers, please go to


Gola Wolf Richards teaches, counsels, and records audio for conflict-resolution; reflecting a philosophy and psychology that he terms “Mystical Humanism”. He has lectured at Dartmouth College’s Novela Symposium, Duke University’s Graduate School for Environmental Engineering, The University of Maine Peace Conference, and has served on the Maine faculty of “Religion and the Challenge of America”. To learn more about Wolf’s story and teachings, please go to

We spoke with Wolf in the Summer of 2011.

ImageListen to a short story from Martin:

Listen to our full conversation with Martin and Judy:

Martin is a poet, essayist, performance artist, and teacher. He holds the distinction of being Maine’s first Poet Laureate, and has won numerous awards for both poetry and performance art. He has produced two books of poems – Brothers of Morning and The Thinking Heart: the Life & Loves of Etti Eillesum, based on the journal and letters of Etti Hillesum. Judy Tierney has been presenting poems in Maine for several years. She was creator and host of the weekly radio program “Walking in the Air,” celebrating poetry and its voices, on WRFR, Rockland’s community radio station. She is passionate about expressive dance, meditation, and the ancient Chinese book of changes: The I Ching.

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Throughout most of his adult life, Ted has been following his calling by designing earth-centric landscapes along the northeast coast. His inspiring landscape work has been featured in many publications, and has won numerous awards. He recently co-authored his first book, Reunion: How to heal our broken connection to the earth. Ted lives and works in Buxton, Maine, and is the principal of Ted Carter Inspired landscapes. His work can be seen at We spoke with Ted in the meditation room of his beautiful home in February of 2012.

lisa sitting

LIsa completed her Masters degree from Bangor Theological Seminary, with her area of expertise on various contemplative and meditative practices in world wisdom traditions.  Her specific interest is in bridging the spiritual and secular to create the most beneficial awakening practices for the greatest number of people, regardless of their religious tradition.  A practicing Buddhist in the Tibetan Vajrayana tradition, Ms.Blake has attended over thirty days of teaching with His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama and serves on the SIddhartha School Board of Directors ( She is the founder and principle of the Maine Mindfulness Project and can be reached through  We spoke with Lisa on two separate occasions in 2011.

In our conversations with authentic and inspiring people, we come across topics that stand out for their clarity and wisdom. This particular recording addresses the question: What is your notion of God? We selected excerpts from Kate Braestrup, Wolf Richards, Lisa Blake, and Ted Carter. We think you’ll find some common themes as well as differing perspectives in these short outtakes. For the complete interview podcasts of these or other speakers, please see our conversations page, or look to our archives.

marshaListen to an excerpt of Marsha creating the healing power of sound.

Listen to our full conversation with Marsha and her own scared healing story.

Marsha Stultz has been a practitioner of the healing arts since 1989. She has studied with many great healers, spiritual leaders and quantum thinkers. She has been deeply inspired to see the Divine in every human being.  She has a thriving private practice seeing people from all over the world in person as well as in distance healing sessions. She is a teacher, a healer, a conscious channel, and strives to inspire others to align with their Divine Self and thrive.  Marsha is currently developing her original healing modality, a powerful body of work that is transcendent and deeply healing, called Heart Lotus Evolution. To learn more about Marsha, and see how she can provide help in healing and personal growth, please visit Marsha’s website –